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Fortune 200 company struggled to get program off the ground. They engage Vaco and see remarkable results.


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 Our Challenge

When a Fortune 200 Financial Services company spun off from its parent organization, it also inherited an identity and access management program that relied upon completely manual and outdated processes, failing to meet emerging regulatory requirements.

The new company wanted to do more than fix the problem. They invested in strategic technology platforms and launched a multi-year plan to not only remediate the known issues, but to also build a reputation as a best-in-breed IAM program within the industry. Despite engaging with a “Big 4” talent delivery partner, however, they struggled to get the program off the ground. After spending millions of dollars with little to show, the company engaged Vaco.

Our Solution

Vaco quickly assembled a team of experienced IAM SME’s to realign the program and fill both delivery and operational gaps, matching the level of expertise provided by the “Big 4” partner without the matching price tag.

We streamlined identity management and access management processes by leveraging automation and creating tighter integration with development.

Meanwhile, our full-time, on site SQA Engagement Director ramped the headcount down over time to drive productivity improvements, carefully matching the pace of change that the large team could absorb.



The Client was able to quickly increase the quality of the program and hit important compliance benchmarks while significantly reducing the overall program cost. We reduced team size on the project from more than 130 to 30 full time equivalents, and the client's failure rate dropped to seven percent in just eighteen months.